Sep 25

Welcome to WTF (Way To Funny) Comedy

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By request… Award winning comedians Chucky D, Tommy Kelley, and Michael “Doc” Davis have put together a show for the masses that includes skits, live shows, and more. The WTF (Way Too Funny) Comedy Show will excersize your stomach muscles from laughing while you watch these guys and even after the show over is over. When they are done on stage they aren’t finished. Afterwards, they usually hang out to meet and have fun with everyone. Come one, Come all.

These guys have performed with each other for years and have a unique flow and very eclectic background and styles. What a crazy mix of Hip Hop, Country, and Rock & Roll. They are simply Way Too Funny!!!

The team will at times include guest comedians and actors in there shows, videos, skits and more wherever possible to help expand exposure for other comedians, comedy hypnotists, funny musicians and other personalities that they have worked with.

The website ( you will get and idea about each comedian, links to their websites, bio’s, promotional information, etc. Sample videos, audio, and photos are also available from each of the comedian’s websites.

The mission and scope of WTF Comedy is to highlight the comedic, acting, and entertaining talents of Michael “Doc” Davis, Chucky D, and Tommy Kelley. The shows, comedy sketches, and videos include all three comedians. WTF Comedy at times will incorporate other comedians, actors, and entertainers to enrich the sketch comedy, shows and more. The goal is to spread laughter and entertainment throughout.

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